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A dog stares at a boy, approaches and then “explodes” with joy: the reason is very special

A dog stares at a boy, approaches and then “explodes” with joy: the reason is very special

When young Pablo Vergara Montoya had to leave on a 7-month trip, his main thought was his dog, of which he was very fond. The animal had been with the boy's family all this time, but it couldn't be denied that there was a lot of nostalgia on both sides at not being able to see each other. However, this period finally ended in recent days, and the video he posted on TikTok (@pablomontoyav) already tells you how strong their bond is.

On the day of return, Pablo's family takes the dog to the airport. He clearly doesn't know that his favorite human companion is back. The video begins by showing the owner heading towards the dog, while the latter looks around without understanding why he was brought to that place. Seven months have passed, and so the boy approaches his four-legged friend quietly, so as not to scare him too.

However, as soon as the bulldog sees him and recognizes his scent, he makes an amazing leap and jumps into his arms. It is as if the connection that was never broken, but only stopped, between the two is repeated in the animal’s memory, and it explodes with joy. Pablo also could not hide his happiness and relief when the dog remembered him and “forgave” him for his long absence. The video below the video, which has been viewed nearly 10 million times, reads: “I made a promise to you seven months ago, and today I kept it.”

There were also many comments: “I have never seen a bulldog jump so high,” one wrote, while another wrote: “I went away for a month and when I came back my dog ​​didn’t want anything to do with me anymore.” Then there are those who put it on the scientific side: “Can you imagine what a dog’s ability to memorize different types of smells is?” commented a third.

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Dogs have an amazing sense of smell that far exceeds our understanding. They can recognize the scent of their owners. In addition, dogs use their sense of smell to communicate and understand the world around them. A study conducted by Emory University in Georgia reported that certain areas of dogs' brains showed activity only when they were in contact with the scent of people caring for them. The researchers collected scent samples from several owners and presented each sample to the participating dogs: the dogs' reactions were carefully monitored, and the results showed that the dogs not only recognized the smell of their owners, but also showed a clear preference.

Another study showed that dogs can distinguish between odors and instantly recognize their owners and other familiar animals by smell. When the distinctive scent of its owner approaches, the animal’s brain activates and activates the feeling of happiness and reward. Therefore, dogs recognize the scent of their owners, and this indicates a deep emotional connection between them, according to information on the IdMetVet website.