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4 Italian regions are among the 5 worst regions for employment

4 Italian regions are among the 5 worst regions for employment

Large regional gaps –

On average in 2021, the employment rate in Italy was 58.2% but in our country there are large regional gaps with the province of Bolzano registering 70.7%, a figure higher than the EU average, and Sicily 41., 1% with the worst data in European Union, followed by Campania (41.3%) and Guyana, which is a French overseas territory (41.4%).

Comparison with Greece –

The employment rate in the Northwest is 65.9% and the Northeast is 67.2% near the EU average (68.4%) while the South struggles with more than 20 lower employment points (45.2%). Greece, which has an employment rate lower than the Italian average (57.2%, worst in the EU), has fewer regional differences with the least occupied region (Iperios) which has an employment rate of 50.7%.

Female employment rate –

The situation is even worse for women’s employment. In the southern regions, less than one in three women (32.9%) work in the 15-64 age group compared to the EU average of 63.4% and the Italian average of 49.4%. 63.7% of women in this age group work in the autonomous province of Bolzano, while the rate in Sicily and Campania is 29.1%, the lowest figure in the European Union. The rate in the Finnish Åland region is 83.5%.

The relationship between work and education –

If you look at the level of education in Sicily for women with a trajectory that stops at grade 8, the employment rate is 12.6% (35% in EU-27, average 28.6% in Italy) but in our country the employment rate of female graduates is also lower than It is in the EU (even if the gap is smaller). If the average rate of working women in the EU is 82.5% in Italy it stops at 76.4% but it is 82% in Lombardy, 64% in Campania and 59.4% in Calabria. For the total number of graduates (men and women), the employment rate is 84.9% in the EU27, 90% in the German region of Dresden and an average of 79.2% in Italy. In Lombardy the rate is 84.3% while in Calabria it is 65.3% and in Campania it is 68.2%.

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