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“I did not close my checking account”, what are the risks? “attention”

Today, opening and managing a current account is a very simple, immediate and intuitive process compared to the past: new technologies such as smartphones but also as a result of the policies of governments and banks that undoubtedly favored a new proliferation. The current account is one of the most important economic and financial tools ever. What happens if the checking account is not closed?

“I did not close my checking account”, what are the risks? “attention”

First of all, it is good to remember that the current account has not had closing costs for some years and can be requested at any time: as specified by the Barsani Decree 223/2006 on free competition, banks are not allowed to develop commissions of any kind related to closing accounts ongoing. Only those related to account management, such as royalties, can be requested by the bank. The latter must provide for closure if requested within a 12-day period, otherwise he will have to pay very high fines of up to 64,555 euros.

As we have already noted for Postal bookseven accounts that have not been transferred for more than 10 years with a minimum balance of €100 (specified in deep sleep) They are subject to closure, upon notice by the bank from the bank to the account holder.

As long as the account is active, normal management costs such as stamp duty and various account maintenance costs are expected, which remain in effect until it is completely closed.

The bank cannot charge more fees if the account has not been transferred for more than a year and if it has a (positive) balance equal to or less than €258.23. Obviously, as it can be easily understood, the account cannot be closed if potential liabilities such as a negative balance are not resolved first, or if the account is “frozen” for any reason.

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