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15-Day Weather Forecast: A Small Action Against African Hegemony in Italy

15-Day Weather Forecast: A Small Action Against African Hegemony in Italy

Perhaps the entire next week will not be enough to permanently undermine the African counter-cyclone from the Mediterranean. However, in the second part, there will be deities Attempts of new currents in the Atlantic Ocean From The excessive force of heat undermines stability, at least in the northern regions.

The first map shows average scenarios for a file American model Valid for Saturday 25 June:

Nothing can be done, at least according to this analysis, for the south-central Italian sector and the islands on which it is located It will still be hot and the weather will remain stable.

Instead, the northern regions will be enveloped by a cooler and relatively unstable flow from the west. Here they will be possible My time Species near mountainous areas, with relative thermal drops.

If we look at Sagittarius, at the end of the month, This is the expected situation today for Thursday 30 June:

Western currents can better penetrate Italywhich also affects the central regions with Some thunderstorms and local decreases in temperatureas well as in the north. The south and islands will have a few degrees lower, but no phenomenon except maybe some storm In the afternoon in the interior.

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