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Zaia: "Hyper conveyed the fruit of a great vision"

Zaia: “Hyper conveyed the fruit of a great vision”

“Today I signed a protocol that is the fruit of a great vision: all innovations have always been the fruit of great visions. Today we celebrate a page of history that we will be able to assimilate into the future, but today we are laying the foundations for a model in which technology is applied to mobility that makes it possible to think of an interconnected system of networks, sustainable and efficient. Bringing it to a speed of 1223 km/h would represent a real revolution, and a fundamental transformation of transportation, land and the economic system.” And so on Head of the Lucca Zaya District Commenting on the signing, which took place this morning in Verona as part of the Let Expo, of the Memorandum of Understanding between Mims, the Veneto Region and the Veneto Motorway Concessions, to pilot the “Hyper Transfer” technology. The signatories to the document, as well as President Zaia, Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, and CEO of Cav, Ugo Debenardo. The MoU aims to launch functional and design investigations aimed at identifying a road transport system for goods and passengers, high-speed, with restricted driving, in an environment with limited friction, fully sustainable aerodynamic resistance and low energy consumption.

The multiple impacts resulting from the experience: Reducing heavy vehicle traffic, reducing traditional transportation times and related energy consumption, protecting the environment and increasing sustainability, increasing road safety, and improving connectivity between transportation systems and smart cities.

“Veneto is the first region to launch such an experience whose advantages will be transversal: 450,000 companies and our large-scale industrial park model, in which multimedia and networking are critical, will benefit, but the region will also benefit in terms of sustainability, environmental impact and energy; it will also Reducing heavy traffic on the roads, in the interest of safety. I hope to see this project for 2026 and thank Minister Giovannini and C for defining in our region the best context for experimentation “concludes the President. The approved protocol provides for the initiation of a cooperation to determine the economic operator Cav with the necessary requirements to conduct the relevant analyzes and study phases, to assess the feasibility of the intervention and to develop project levels. The final realization of a prototype with field experimentation. The management tool designed to identify a technology and industrial partner is the Partnership for Innovation. The expected investment for the completion of the feasibility study is equal to 4 million euros, while it is expected to reach a period of 45 months to perform the feasibility assessment and design activities.

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