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Car engines first 100% electric braking system I complete revolution

Car engines first 100% electric braking system I complete revolution

News coming soon in the field of braking systems –

Leading brand ZF has always had a solution for every need, for decades and decades. But this time he really outdid himself.

ZF is the world’s leading manufacturer of transmission and suspension systems for cars, trucks, buses, trains and industrial machinery. ZF offers a full range of products that improve vehicle performance, safety, comfort and efficiency. ZF is also committed to developing sustainable technologies for future transportation, such as autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity.

Among the solutions offered by ZF we find the 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission, one of the brand’s flagship products. It is a gearbox that adapts to any type of engine, from petrol to diesel, from hybrid to electric. The ZF 8HP gearbox offers a series of advantages over conventional gearboxes, such as increased drive fluidity, lower consumption and emissions, better acceleration and pickup, and greater silence.

newly ZF It was presented at Next Generation Mobility Day in Shanghai The first fully electric braking system, dry-by-wire braking system. This innovation was achieved without the use of brake fluid, generating the braking force at each wheel through an electromechanical system. This system eliminates the need for braking fluid, and instead uses electric motors to generate braking pressure and transmit signals from the pedal to the motors in a purely electrical manner, thus defining the concept of “dry wire braking.”

Features and benefits

Brake-by-Wire offers several advantages over conventional systems, such as shorter braking distances, better braking energy recovery, and lower maintenance costs. Electric vehicles can achieve up to 17% additional range thanks to improved brake energy recovery and reduced emissions from brake wear.

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Eliminating the hydraulic system also brings benefits in terms of lower production and maintenance costs to vehicle owners, eliminating the need to change brake fluids and reducing workshop interventions. Although there is no physical connection between the brake pedal and the actuators, ZF ensures an equivalent braking experience for the driver.

ZF has really outdone itself with this super innovative solution –

Solutions suitable for every type of need

With more than 50 years of experience in producing braking systems and more than 3 billion components produced, ZF offers vehicle manufacturers the flexibility to choose between traditional hydraulic braking systems and a new electric approach. Furthermore, it is possible to provide hybrid solutions that combine hydraulic and electrical systems in different parts of the vehicle.

A wide range of electronically controlled steering, braking and damping systems allows ZF to offer unique vehicle dynamics solutions. Electronically controlled by-wire systems provide better vehicle control, shorter braking distances, greater steering flexibility, and improved overall efficiency and range of vehicles.