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You look depressed, will you feel some joy or not?

You look depressed, will you feel some joy or not?

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniele Del Moro’s nomination for GF Vip turned into a clash with Signorini. After Sonia Bruganelli’s sentence, “Get Out,” the contestant explained why it wasn’t shown at home, and so the bandleader said, “Every time I hear you speak I feel sad and hard, you’ll also have joys.”

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Almost arrived at the end of the GF Vip episode, Alfonso Signorini had a confrontation with Daniel Dal Moro. When the contestant entered the recognition center to submit his nomination, which he signed on Gael de Donna, he returned to the arc that the conductor had previously opened: “The fact that you tell me I’m not exposing myself doesn’t find it true.”. From that moment before back and forth with Sonia BruganelliThen with the owner.

The outbreak of Daniele Dal Moro

Daniel Dal Moreau in the confessional decided to appoint Gael “I don’t like the way he acts or his ideals.” He said. Signorini immediately intervened and asked if he had understood the speech he had previously given about not participating in the council. “I don’t want to express myself” The competitor replied, so Sonia Bruganelli’s voice was heard from the studio: “get out then“. “Thanks Sonya, I listen to her because she’s always so cute. I’m going outDanielle continued.There are people who expose themselves, you are in the second GF… I don’t have to kick you outor ‘motivated the columnist.’ The competitor replied:

The fact that I’m being told I’m not exposing myself doesn’t find it true. I opened up a lot, and I think on a personal level I exposed myself. There are things that go beyond revealing themselves, there are values ​​and I don’t ignore them in any way. If creating dynamics means giving Nikita a lemon or arguing with others, I’m not ready to do that.

Signorini’s letter to Daniel del Moro

He was interrupted by Alfonso Signorini after hearing Daniele Dal Moro from the sect to reciprocate his words.

Your position seems exaggerated to me. Sorry Danielle, you’re saying inappropriate things. Exposure does not mean what you say, it means participation in the life of the home. I tell you as a spectator. When I hear you speak I feel the sadness of life and your difficulties, and you will also have enjoyed expressing them. Your family didn’t make you miss anything. You do not have financial difficulties. You look depressed in a historical way, will you feel some joy or not? I’m telling you like my brother, it’s not like I’m telling you to go with Nikita.

The contestant explained that he hasn’t had many happy moments in his life: “I guarantee you I’ve been through some good things, I’d like to have better experiences“.”You are a joyful person, I would like to find your joy againSignorini concluded.