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Two buyers for Whirlpool Emea

Two potential buyers of whirlpool there. The American multinational company is negotiating and evaluating the offers of two industrial companies for The whole Emea region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Therefore, according to preliminary information, There will be no “stew” of group resources, but if this is done, the block will be moved.
They were Ten offers reached the company and evaluated positively. The strategic review, announced last spring, has now reached its final stage. Should negotiations fail, Whirlpool has it anyway plan bie: continue to produce in Europe.

Reduced sales and quantities

Meanwhile, the Establishment, That completed divestment of activities in Russia, I declare I Third Quarter Results Which are affected by the negative short-term effects, starting with inflation that reduces the demand for household appliances and consumption in general. they fall Net sales (-12.8%) and i production volumes (-35%). A negative trend set to continue if the context conditions do not improve.
The net profit margin (according to American Accounting Principles) It was 3%, while the EBIT margin (no According to American Accounting Principles) was 5%. American contributors, according to what you say Jim Peters, However, they can’t complain, the CFO of Whirlpool Corporation: “We rewarded them with giving back $2.6 billion in cash as of 2021while pursuing mergers and acquisitions that create value.


Mark Bitzer Commenting on the quarterly report, the Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation said: “Although third-quarter results were impacted by persistently negative macroeconomic conditions and elevated levels of inflation resulting in sluggish demand, We are still on track to have the second best year in our 111-year history in 2022“.
“Looking forward – concluded the president of the American multinational company – we see that these challenges will continue even into the first half of 2023, but we believe that we have implemented the right actions that will allow us to cross the current context, implement the transformation of our portfolio and ensure strong returns for shareholders ».

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Meet EWC

This morning, October 21, 9 o’clock At the Whirlpool Administration Building a meeting Kai (European Business Council) for which Head of Whirlpool Emea by Jill Mooreel which will be attended by the MSW Secretariat of Biandronno Station, represented by kiara cola (Uilm Uil), Matthew BerardI (Fiom Cgil) E Tiziano Franceschetti (Femme Cecil of the Lakes). Tori.

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