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You can save your plants with this "thing" you'll never think about

You can save your plants with this “thing” you’ll never think about

Taking care of plants is never easy, but it certainly gives us a lot of satisfaction. If your plant is sick, you should know this thing.

Despite all the preparations we may have in terms of factorySometimes they can get sick. It is very common, regardless of all the care we give them, from day to day they start get upset it’s at lose papers.

Specifically, theorchidPlants of different species. It is very common at homePhalaenopsis orchidthat can be recognized by their colours.
Aesthetically it is very plant elegant, but also quite a lot breakable, needs care and attention, especially with doses of water which must be well calibrated: neither too much nor too little, seasons and the temperature.
The quench From this plant is only the first reason why it is so “delicate” and sensitive, but we can save the orchid with a simple and whimsical treatment.

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Even if it seems late, you can save your plants like this

It’s very common for plants to dry out of nowhere, but if you run for cover you can save them (Photo by RainerBerns from Pixabay)

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Sponge method: It may seem like a “strange” solution but if the plant has dry roots, it is a good idea to intervene as soon as possible and this method is very effective, especially in the hot months.

Focus on the roots. The first thing we do is prune the roots, then we remove the plant from the pot and remove the damaged roots, it is important to use scissors.
Once that’s done, let’s get a kitchen sponge, attach it to the base of the plant and put everything in a cup with a little water.
This will allow to create a kind of natural environment for our plant and it will be easy for it to form new healthy roots in a few days.

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After two or three weeks, if the roots have done their job and thus have grown, we can replant the orchid.
After placing the plant in the pot with the appropriate soil, pay attention to water and water moderately, the soil should be moist, not wet.
It is recommended to use a leaf vaporizer every 3 days, it is a way to maintain high humidity.