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Julian Assange and his wife Stella Morris’s endless embrace after 5 years in prison: “Welcome home” in Australia – video


It is a long, warm hug first to his wife, Stella Morris, and then to other members of his family, an embrace that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange finally gave up after landing in Canberra, Australia. After his release after 5 years in prison thanks to an agreement with the US government, under which he pleaded guilty, Assange got off the plane and raised his fist in a greeting to the journalists present, while the audience greeted him with applause and chants of “Hello.” Pete.” Visibly moved, Assange grabbed his wife and lifted her into a long embrace, followed by a passionate kiss, as evidenced by videos that captured his arrival. After that, he met with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who played an important role in the under-the-table negotiations to launch WikiLeaks founder released. The Prime Minister declared that “the government did absolutely the right thing to get a result,” stressing the importance of government measures for Assange’s return.

Wife: “Now Julian won’t talk, he needs time.”

“Julian wanted me to sincerely thank you all. He wanted to be here. But you have to understand what he went through. It takes time. He needs to recover. “I ask you, please, to give us space, to give us privacy to find our place,” Assange’s wife announced, explaining that her husband, who is now free after 5 years in prison, will not speak for the time being. “He has to get used to freedom. Someone who went through something similar told me yesterday that freedom comes slowly. “I want Julian to have that space to slowly rediscover freedom,” he concluded.

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Video – VISTA Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev

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