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Date and time of the new post-E3 2021 event -

Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive and Avalanche filter, according to Jeff Grubb –

restart toto-collectibles with regard to Microsoft, also considering how the question has remained somewhat static after the brutal maneuvering that led to the Bethesda purchase, again with Jeff Grubb talking about potential candidates citing in particular Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive e Avalanche.

Seems like some kind of guesswork by the now famous journalist/insider Jeff Group, which recently also returned to the spotlight for its discussion about the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. In this case, it is returned with potential classic or new purchases from Microsoft.

Considering that we have seen many maneuvers by Sony for months, which recently included several teams at PlayStation Studios such as Fabrik Games and above all BluePoint which appeared in recent days, but preceded by Housemarque, Firesprite and others, it has been a long time for us to expect a move Another antivirus from Microsoft for Xbox Game Studios.

Grubb’s idea starts with modern ideas cooperationAll three teams are said to be in fact involved in very important projects for Microsoft: Crystal Dynamics that we recently learned is collaborating with The Initiative on Perfect Dark, IO Interactive appears to have long been committed to an Xbox exclusive called “Project Dragon,” while Avalanche is making Developed by Contraband.

All three cases, according to Grob, will also be considered “tests” of potential acquisitions by Microsoft, should games prove successful or addressing those cases creates special links with the Xbox gaming environment.

All of this must be taken with a grain of salt because it is a matter of lucubrations on the part of the good Grubb: in particular, acquiring Crystal Dynamics would be somewhat difficult, considering that they are within the Square Enix group. Conversely, IO Interactive and Avalanche have been a constant presence in rumors of potential Microsoft acquisitions, but so far they have remained quietly independent.

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