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“I will give you better life advice than money.”

“I will give you better life advice than money.”

Observing the people who live around us and looking critically at the world around us should be a way to broaden our horizons and step out of our necessarily limited perspective to adopt a broader perspective. However, more often than not, observation is almost automatically followed by a judgement, based on the most superficial and immediately visible elements, as well as on our experiences.

The filter that is applied at that moment is, again, entirely subjective, and leads in a direction that may not reflect reality or truth at all, as in the case narrated by a girl who was at work, a waitress in a restaurant, and whose work translated, in the mind of the customer, into the certainty that The young woman lacks education.

Advice is worth more than money

The waitress approaches the table to pay the bill, as has happened thousands of times during her work. However, the customer seemed to have imagined a whole life behind the eyes of the girl who had simply asked her for the amount she owed, and she decided to do something about it: “I won't tip you,” she said, “I'll give you a life tip.” “This is my business card: Go back to school.”

The waitress is certainly confused by such a statement, and tries to refuse, thanking her for the gesture, but at the same time stressing that she does not need it. The rejection was not well received by the client, who responded, “There's no need to be defensive, it's 2 p.m., so I know you're not in class.”

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“Of course, I don't study because I'm at work, we have study times – not really any of your business, anyway,” the waitress explains, trying to be patient. Anyway – he continues – we're done here, so thank you for your business card. Please let me know if you need catering for an event in the future so I can talk to the managers about it. In the meantime, have a good day.”

The client, again, does not give up. She claims to be the enrollment director at a university (which the waitress says is not good at all) in Connecticut and tells her she should call her as soon as possible to schedule a meeting. However, the waitress has already graduated from what the woman gave her and is currently participating in a specialized course, and in order to pay for her studies, she works in the restaurant. At that moment, he moved away from the table.

Users confirmed that no, it's not really possible to pay rent with a 'life tip', and one wrote: 'I'll give you some 'life tip' too: if you can't afford to tip at a restaurant, maybe you can.' You should avoid eating outside the home.”

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