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What are we talking about at the beginning of the second half

Here we are, with less than three days left until the start Restart 2023 scheduled for Thursday, January 19. The appointment is in IBM Studios Milan for those who already have a ticket. On the other hand, everyone else can watch the whole event live on our social networks (Facebook And Youtube), on this site And the media partners of the project.

But what are we going to talk about? program – if you haven’t already done so – You can read it here. But the matter is basically clear: the energy issue will be the basis of the three round tables and the interview with the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Picetto Frattin. We’ve seen it: rising oil prices, cuts to tax charges, the energy crisis that’s not over yet, the blockade of Russian oil and gas: all these issues concern not only our economic future, but also our freedom.

That is why it makes sense to conduct a deep analysis of the complex world of energy with great heroes (Read the list here) Who face every day many problems and many points of view. There will be private companies and senior advisors, such as Tapparelli And Scaroni. And then we’ll talk about energy communities, management aspects of photovoltaics, gas, electricity grid, and many other things.

Moreover, now traditional software certainly can’t be missing Mosquitoes in the soupReading the irreverent newspaper by Giuseppe Crociani. And he will be with us too Vittorio Sgarbil lecture Canova energy can not be missed. All, of course, live broadcast on the site

I am waiting for you.

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