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Xiaomi svela gli Smart Glasses, la risposta a Ray-Ban Stories

Xiaomi unveils smart glasses, the answer to Ray-Ban Stories

Photos, videos and augmented reality are among the main features of the new smart glasses from the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has officially announced its new line of smart glasses. It is located around Xiaomi smart glasses, I already looked at the Chinese tech giant’s response to Ray ban stories, as well as spiritual heirs Google glasses, which it shares with the hardware advantage of fitting a small projector into the frame of the glasses, rather than on the lens. To achieve this high level of functionality, the glasses are equipped with a processor ARM quad corebattery, touchpad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, Android OS, and more.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses: Key Features

But despite all these characteristics, The device weighs only 51 grams. All this allows Xiaomi smart glasses to resemble traditional glasses in form, while surpassing any other model of smart glasses currently in use and in performance. Fit glasses 5 mega pixel camera On the front which obviously can take pictures (the indicator light next to the camera will turn on when the camera is in use) but also translate text into pictures, a very convenient function especially when traveling.

using Built-in microphone And the special translation algorithm, Xiaomi Smart Glasses Capable of converting audio to text with real-time subtitles. In addition to taking pictures and recording videos thanks to a single 5-megapixel camera, the smart glasses of the Chinese company also offer a screen with 180 degree field of view. This is achieved by projecting the image into the space in front of the eyeglass wearer using the aforementioned small projector (2.4 mm x 2.02 mm), thus creating a natural optical effect.

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All this is done within one lensInstead of using complex multiple lens systems, “mirrors or half-mirrors” as other products do. Xiaomi Smart Glasses adopts tMicroLED imaging technology To reduce design space, get brighter screens and deeper blacks. Xiaomi has not currently indicated pricing and availability of the device.