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What changes from October 1, 2021

What changes from October 1, 2021

A tax drawer, SPID, CIE, or CNS to access online revenue agency services. From October 1, 2021, it will not be possible to use Fiscoonline credentials, except for professionals and businesses. Here’s what changes.

tax drawer, access only with SPID, CIE or CNS as of October 1, 2021.

At midnight on September 30, credentials will be officially discontinued Finance To access the tax drawer and more generally to Online services Delrevenue agency.

It will cover the transition to SPID, e-ID card and national service card as wellrevenue collection agency, as well as all public administrations in general.

to select a date turn off The simplification decree was n. 76/2020, with the aim of launching a “universal” access system to online public services.

As for the tax services, from the developments i Professionals and companies who, at least for the time being, will be able to continue to use their credentials Fiscoline, Entratel and Sister.

Tax drawer, access with SPID, CIE or CNS: what changes from October 1, 2021

In the Midnight September 30, 2021 You will no longer be able to access tax drawer with password Finance. Revenue agency says goodbye to its credentials in favor of moving to SPID, CIE e CNS.

To remember the date of the clip is Press release published on September 15, 2021, which also evaluates Online services Available to citizens, professionals and businesses.

From October 1, 2021Citizens will Three alternatives To access the online services of the Revenue Agency and to collect the Revenue Agency: Digital ID supports the possibility of using an electronic identity card or a National Services Card.

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The simplification decree was n. 76/2020 to determine the commitment of all public administrations to give up their specific credentials, in favor of moving to a universal access system.

Purpose of commitment to equip SPID, CIE o CNS to reach tax drawer And also, for example, the site INPS or INAIL, is to allow the citizen to use everything Online services for public administration With one authentication system, more secure.

The Switch to SPID So it will be final From October 1, 2021, except professionals and companies.

For professional users It will still be possible to use and request your Fiscoline, Entratel or Sister credentials. A specific executive decree, as required by the Digital Governance Act, will establish the rules for these categories of users.

Revenue Agency – Press Release September 15, 2021
Online services for revenue agency and collection agency are becoming increasingly attractive. Over 44 million entries into the tax drawer in the first eight months of 2021 (+32.5%). From October 1, access is only possible with Spid, electronic ID card and National Service card

Cassetto Fiscale, Fiscoonline’s farewell from October 1, 2021: How to get a SPID, CIE or CNS

SPID is certainly the most widely used authentication system. widget and access 24 million utilities already spent that allows you to access tax drawer In addition to the online services provided by the public administration and its followers from the private sector.

Obtaining SPID credentials is simple: just select one of the nine digital identity managers currently in operation and follow the identification procedure.

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As described by the Revenue Agency, to RELEASE SPID Credentials You must be of legal age, have a valid Italian document, a health card (or tax code card), an email address and a personal mobile phone number.

CIE, the electronic identity card, issued by the municipality of residence, also opens the doors to public and private online services. To be able to use it also for the purposes of accessing remote gates, it is necessary to have the entire PIN code of the card and to have the “CIE Id” application installed on your smartphone; Alternatively, a computer equipped with a smart card reader can be used.

The third tool that can be used from October 1, 2021 is CNS, National Service Card, which allows access to the same services through a device, for example, a USB key or a smart card with a microchip.

Tax Drawer and More: More and more people are using online revenue agency services

The transition to new methods of accessing the portal of the Revenue Agency occurs at a time when citizens are clearly increasingly using online services.

Thanks to the Covid-19 emergency, the many facilities that have been introduced and the restrictions on access to public offices, 2020 was the year the need arose. Promote online services Users are targeted by the public administration.

A complex path, especially for population groups less accustomed to using technological tools, but also necessary and inevitable in order to simplify the relationship between citizens and public bodies.

The Revenue Agency provides the first data relating to the current year, highlighting its amount Increased use of remote services: In the first 8 months of the year they were registered 44 million entries to the tax drawer, more than 32 percent from last year. More than 1 million year contracts and 2 million instruments have been registered online and via the channel civilians More than 400,000 documents have been sent.

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There were 4 million registered accesses beforerevenue collection agency, which over the years has influenced the online services available to taxpayers.

DEquiclick . application, all the way to the important service that allows you to Check your status And checking the status of its folders, AdER has also gradually implemented the online functions, with the aim of Collaboration and Simplification.

So October 1, 2021 marks another turning point in the challenge of digitizing public services.