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What will happen to Earth when the parent star comes out?

Adriano Celentano is not entirely wrong, who in 1963 sang “The Sun is extinguished” as if it were a prediction of the future. he wrote: “The days are cold nights […]No more light or heat. or again “Where there was grass now there is a city, and this house in the middle of the green is now where it will be” (in “La casa della Via Gluck”) to represent the overwhelming intervention of man in nature. if it was Sole decided to turns offAs the singer tells in one of his songs? What would it Consequences for our planet? Studies respond to this.

The Sun: What will happen to the Earth in ten billion years?

We all know that sooner or later the sun will also come out, with irreversible consequences on Earth. Some astronomers estimated the time remaining ten billion years, So dear future generations, you can rest assured. What will happen? First of all, the gods will present themselves Related phenomena.

to begin with, In about five billion years, The Sole will turn intored giantPlus a star with a very narrow core. So far so good. The most worrying is that the outer layers, on the contrary, will go away sought ending in merge planets Come Mercury, Mars, Venus as well Tera.

As a billion years or so approaches, the Sun rise It should increase by 10%. Then, once it becomes a “red giant,” what will happen to the parent star of the solar system? Albert Zilstra, an astrophysicist at the University of Manchester, also reveals that he was once expelled gas and dust, the core will terminate the energy sources and thus mark the end.

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