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From Naples to Palermo, here’s how resident income is driving votes for the M5


The return of citizenship had the effect of driving the exploitation of the M5S, which established itself as the first party in all regions of the South. If we compare the votes obtained at the regional level with the number of returns, there is an exact correspondence. Sub-recipients exceed 1.7 million people in the south (out of less than 2.5 million recipients across Italy). “Whoever touches the income will find in us an inescapable obstacle – President Giuseppe Conte- warned. Anyone who wants to touch the income will have to deal with us ».

Resident income is also an indicator of social hardship, and in the South nearly half of eligible voters abstained from voting in these elections; Low turnouts were reported in Sicily, Campania and Calabria. By comparison, based on data from the House (substantially similar to the Senate) the number of voters is always greater than the number of grantees, indicating a stable “hard core” movement.

M5S flies to Naples, the first city in the number of recipients

In the Campania 1 College (Province of Naples) the M5S had 41.36% consensus, widely establishing itself as the first party with 483,699 votes, the same result was recorded in the Campania 2 College (Other Provinces) where the M5S placed 27th. , 59% with 311,834 votes. Of the 795,593 total votes taken in Campania, 628,750 recipients of the Rdc were definitely affected, an average of 615.56 euros in July. As in 2018, the 5 Star Movement was confirmed as the first party in Naples (43% of the vote) and, as in the vote 4 and a half years ago, the peak of the vote is in the suburbs and less comfortable in the suburbs of the capital and its province. The 5-star movement took 64.91% of preferences in Scampia, 61.04% in Barra, 60.34% in San Giovanni a Teducio, and 59.16% in Secantigliano. Naples is also the Italian city with the highest number of resident income earners: 416,740 people who received an average monthly allowance of €636.72 in July. The final result in Campania was 11 single-member colleges in the 5-star movement – ​​all in Naples and its province – and 10 in the center-right.

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Half a million beneficiaries in Sicily

The second region for the number of DRC recipients is Sicily: they are 516,056 and receive an average monthly allowance of 595 euros. With 30.77% in Sicily 1 and 25.92% in Sicily 2, the Movement is the first party in both constituencies with a total of 562,068 votes, even though the center-right party won, despite a record abstention: 48.62% of those eligible voted for the regions. In Palermo, Grilli is the first party with 128,773 votes (34.74%), down from 168,290 votes polled in July for an average of 632.38 euros.

In Puglia, votes equal to twice the number of recipients

Despite winning the center-right region, the M5S is also the first party in Puglia, the third Italian region, in the number of Rdc recipients, equal to 241,648, with an average monthly payment of 550.49 in July. Euro. In this region, Giuseppe Conte’s party received 487,348 votes, which is 27.69%. A similar picture in Calabria, the fifth Italian region with the highest number of DRC earners (average 548.26 euros 172,043) where the M5s established itself as the first party with 211,390 votes and 29.38%.

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