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Culture, Paganini Prize Promoted in America


Simon Zhu, winner of the latest edition of the Paganini Prize

The Paganini Prize has signed an important agreement with the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) with the aim of promoting the competition in the United States.

The esteemed foundation has taken keen interest in the success of the project to renew and relaunch the award. The award was signed by Giovanni Panebianco, director of the municipality’s cultural policies, and Robert Allegrini, president of NIAF, as a symbol of the historic Italian-American friendship and fruitful cultural exchange between the two countries. It aims to spread the word of the competition through concerts by the finalists in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, as well as through socio-cultural initiatives and events. Robert Allegrini also accepted the invitation to receive the title of Paganini ambassador. The prestigious recognition will be given during a concert in Rome, in the prestigious setting of the Palazzo Ruspoli.

“This agreement represents a decisive step for the Paganini Prize, which, thanks to this collaboration with NIAF, will be able to further consolidate its internationalization objectives, with a major contribution by the new artistic director, Nicola Bruzzo. As well as by the new president of the jury, the famous maestro Uto Uggi – declares Giovanni Panebianco – will be shown I am grateful to Robert Allegrini for agreeing to be part of the Paganini Ambassadors. We will immediately work to implement the agreement with the curator Claudio Oraci in October, where we will certainly return to the selections before the 58th edition of the NIAF A special thank you to the friends and all who made this decision possible, especially to Enrico di Barbieri, who has been on the front line in the dual role of Paganini ambassador and member of the committee”, concludes Panebianco.

“A truly remarkable and promising agreement, never signed before, that will push Paganini and Genoa abroad. After Paris, Madrid and London, our internationalization borders will expand even further, crossing the Atlantic and creating the setting of another Genoese highlight, the Carlo Felice Theater. For young violinist talents from around the world and for Anini And in this sense we will continue to work for our city to preserve his precious heritage,” commented Barbara Grosso.

“NIAF is proud to present the Paganini Prize, which reflects its strong commitment to the city of Genoa and its mission to celebrate Italian culture by promoting Italy’s unique musical heritage. Paganini’s talent is an important part of that tradition and continues to enrich the world with its sublime beauty. By helping to promote and support its activities throughout North America We look forward to bringing great success to this prestigious award,” says Robert Allegrini.

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