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Jaundice: Govt Hospital and Intensive Care.  All data area based on region

Jaundice: Govt Hospital and Intensive Care. All data area based on region

A Govt Department (Ansa)

Rome, July 27, 2021 – Last Govt Order July 23 (Here is the text in Pdf), Is assigned to the aggression rate of terapie serious And the gods Govt fields Color bands (white to red) play an important role in allocating areas Here are the new criteria) Compared to the parameter of weekly events per 100 thousand people. Currently Italy has it all White area, Required bandLess than 50 casesI for three consecutive weeks, if it is high, the Govt wards have an aggression rate equal to or less than 15% or 10% for intensive care.

Govt Bulletin of July 27th

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Le Trophy intensity

So let’s get started terapie serious See the latest updated data according to the Dell Dashboard‘AquinaS (National Institute for Regional Health Services). From the data it can be seen that all regions so far have a coefficient from the 10% threshold. The national coefficient is still stable at 2%, but in some regions it is growing and needs to be carefully monitored. Highest data (we are talking about the percentage of enrichment) Sardinia with 5%, Sicily to Lazio 4%. Sardinia, for example, saw a rate of 1% on July 20 to the current 5%. Sicily was followed by 4% (on July 20 it was 3%, 25 it rose to 5%, then to 4%) and Lazio was again at 4% (a percentage that had remained stable at 3% for several days, which grew by one percentage point yesterday) .

Abruzzo 0

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Basilicota 0

Calabria 3

Campania 2

Emilia Romagna 1

Friuli Venice Giulia 1

Lazio 4

Liguria 3

Lombardy 2

Walk 2

Molis 0

Province of Bolzano 0

Province of Trento 0

Piedmont 0,

Baklia 2

Sardinia 5

Sicily 4

Tuscany 3

Umbria 2

Val de Asta 0

Veneto 2

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Ordinary govt fields

On the other hand, the national rate of coveted sectors grew by one percentage point (2 to 3%) Calabria, Campania and Sicily, With a higher percentage of beds in normal wards with 6%, 5% and 7% respectively. These are percentages based on region.

Abruzzo 2

Basilicota 4

Calabria 6

Campania 5

Emilia Romagna 2

Friuli Venice Giulia 1


Liguria 2

Lombardy 2

Walk 2

Molis 1

Province of Bolzano 3

Province of Trento 1

Piedmont 1

Baklia 3

Sardinia 4

Sicily 7

Tuscany 2

Umbria 2

Val de Asta 1

Veneto 1


We see updated data to date (7 day moving average)‘Event. There are seven areas (Sardinia, Sicily, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Sicily, Umbria and Veneto) And it exceeds the limit of 50 cases: the data on hospitalization and intensive care for them will be decisive, as we have seen above and now they will be left in the white zone.

Abruzzo 29

Basilicota 2

Calabria 31

Campania 33

Emilia Romagna 66

Friuli Venice Giulia 27

Lazio 87

Liguria 82

Lombardy 34

Walk 38

Molis 19

Province of Bolzano 28

Province of Trento 47

Piedmont 20

Baklia 22

Sardinia 108

Sicily 77

Tuscany 75

Umbria 63

Val de Asta 25

Veneto 83