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White fish: its properties and benefits in the diet of athletes

White fish: its properties and benefits in the diet of athletes

It is soft and delicate, easily digestible, provides “complete” proteins and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. But not only…

Roberto de Phillips

On the topic of fish, fish consumption has been much promoted recently Blue fish. Due to their high Omega-3 content, sardines, anchovies, tuna, mackerel, swordfish and other species that make up this category actually have positive effects on Cardiovascular health. While this is undeniable, it does not mean that other varieties are bad for you, on the contrary. Interesting nutritional profile is that White fisha valuable ally for athletes.

White fish contains a small percentage of cholesterol

White fish owes its name to the characteristic color of its meat. The best known species belonging to this class are of great value: they are in fact part of it Hake, cod, sea bream, sea bass, plaice, plaice, grouper, snapper, monkfish and cod. Blue fish has a stronger flavor and is creamier (even if it contains many “good” fats, starting with omega-3), while white fish has a more delicate taste and is thicker. Much thinner. “Whitefish has a decline Fat contentwhich is on average about 3%. For this reason, it represents a source of lean protein, which is especially valuable for those people who need to keep their body weight under control. Dr. Jessica Falcone, Nutritionist at Irccs San Raffaele Hospital and the 1st RAF Clinic in Milan. Moreover, this variety of fish provides a good amount of mineral salts (esp Calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine and selenium) Friendly Vitamins (Above all A, group B, D). Compared to other foods of animal origin, it is low in cholesterol.

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White fish and carbohydrates

As a source of lean protein, white fish is an essential ingredient Ideal for inclusion in the diet of athletes. In fact it contains it all Essential amino acids To enhance muscle efficiency and is easy to digest. It can be consumed Either before or after physical exertion. The protein intake in it is actually valuable for recovery after fatigue, because it allows you to restore the amino acids that are consumed during training or competition, and to prepare for physical activity, because it ensures better functioning of the muscular system. “Does not burden the stomach, white fish is ideal to include in meals eaten before training or Before competition. Obviously, protein intake should be balanced with intake of other essential nutrients, ie herbal Above all, I am Carbohydrates. It is preferable to combine it with white fish as a source of these nutrients Wheat, barley, basmati rice and potatoes“Foods with a low glycemic index, which favor a gradual release of energy,” advises Dr. Falcone.

White fish stimulates the thyroid gland

However, athletes are not the only ones who benefit from the nutrients of white fish, which should always be included in the diet Balanced diet. For example, for those who have suffered or are suffering from Cardiovascular problems This food should be preferred compared to other sources of protein of animal origin, such as meat, because it is poorer in both fat and cholesterol. The high iodine and selenium content is also beneficial for people with thyroid problems. The phosphorus provided by white fish is also a valuable ally Cognitive functions. “In addition to those with some memory difficulties, the consumption of this food is also suitable for people children And for Teenagers To promote healthy growth,” emphasizes Dr. Falcone. Finally, white fish is also ideal for people who follow a Anti-inflammatory diet.

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