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The older brother, Beatrice's enemy, is ready to enter the house

The older brother, Beatrice's enemy, is ready to enter the house

Well yes Al Big brother Everything is still at stake. As if the clashes within the House of Representatives were not already enough, the authors saw fit to throw more iron into the fire. like? According to the latest rumors, soon A new competitor could arriveAnd not just any one, but real Beatrice Luzzi's enemy Which has already been expressed very clearly from the outside. From what it turns out, the two have no particular past, but it seems that the potential new rival has already formed a very clear idea of ​​the actress. Let's find out more.

Simona Tagle's new competitor gf: heedlessness

He was the one who broke the news Giuseppe Candelawhich through the function on X Announce one arrival New competitor: Simona snapped. It's about a TV presenterand the former showgirl, who in Web directory for 361 magazine He frequently commented on the reality show's internal dynamics, and was particularly critical of himself Beatrice Luzzi.

Tagle clearly doesn't think much of the actressThis can be seen directly from his words. “Unfortunately, I see Beatrice as very entrenched in being an actress, with her own past and path. She has also been through a serious ordeal, but she is still a very firm and strict person with others and with herself.“Al said Sale.

Big brotherSimona Tagli vs. Beatrice Luzzi: “Very manipulative

And that's not all yet, because Simona snapped She definitely didn't back down Beatrice Luzzi. In the final confrontation involving Luzzi and Perla FateroTagle said she was completely on the latter's side, and was amazed by her strong and determined personality.

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Could it have ended here? Obviously not, because Simona added some too More attention to Beatrice. “While Beatrice is a little more acidic in her way of being and doing things, Perla is a little more direct. In my opinion, Beatrice is also very manipulative, and therefore a distinction must be made between being manipulative and being direct!“Al said TV presenter Without complacency.

In short, if the recklessness you see Enter Simona Tagli Big brother If it turns out to be real, we could undoubtedly see some beautiful things. If these are the conditions Perla Fatero could find a powerful new ally Inside the house while Beatrice Luzzi could find a new enemy (Among many) that I clash with as much as I can.

Tagle has already proven, with her words, that she does not let things go, that she has very clear ideas and is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks. moral? In the event of a clash between Tagli and Lozi, both can save themselves.