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“We will not see the sun anymore”: the news is official

Get your binoculars ready! A solar eclipse is coming on October 25th. The show will be short, and here’s how not to miss it.

Set a date on October 25 because the sun will be eclipsed by the moon. A solar eclipse is an optical astronomical phenomenon characterized by the total or partial darkening of the sun.

In this eclipse, it is expected that the part of the diameter of the Sun will be covered a little, less than a third of the total (27%), at least in our country, in other European cities it will reach 50%. The phenomenon will be visible in Italy from 11:26 to 13:21.

This is not the only astronomical phenomenon that we have been able to observe this month. Jupiter and Uranus will be visible to the naked eye in the night sky throughout the fall season.

Total solar eclipse expected

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon that has fascinated all men since the dawn of our history, just think that already in the Stone Age huge structures were erected to measure the occurrence of these astronomical phenomena. While that, The first written documentation in history He was one of the Babylonian scribes in ancient Mesopotamia, exactly On May 3, 1735 BC.

This time we will document it with our phones and our Instagram storiesWe’ll have to wait another two weeks to see him. But for this solar eclipse we must consider ourselves lucky to be able to see it with our own eyes, in fact for our Spanish and Portuguese neighbors it will not be possible to see it.

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Total solar eclipse in Rome

If you are Eager to watch a bigger eclipse Compared to only 27% of Italian blackout, we advise you move east. It is located around Helsinki, where the sun is more than 50% darkand Kiev (51%), Stockholm (46%) and Bucharest (40%). The further we move towards central Europe, the lower the percentage, with values ​​similar to that of Italian in Berlin and even less than in Paris and London (13 and 15%, respectively).

On the other hand, if you are armed with a lot of patience, you can attend Total eclipse in Italy. The August 12, 2026so in less than four years, there will be the first A total eclipse visible on the European continent since 1999. The best place to watch, not even for a joke, would be Spain with complete blackout, but we Italians would be special too.

in our country the sun will be covered for 90% From its diameter, especially if it is at that moment to whom it will be found In the Aosta Valley or in Piedmont. Other Italian cities will also be lucky, such as Rome and Florence. In the rest of the Italy will guarantee a percentage above 50%so we will see great offers in the future.