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WhatsApp How to read messages without being detected

WhatsApp How to read messages without being detected

WhatsApp, how to read messages without being detected: let's discover the infallible trick that allows us to maintain our anonymity but also peace of mind during working hours.

WhatsApp messages –

We often find ourselves facing unpleasant situations with some people WhatsApp users who bombard us with messages Even when we are busy with work and study. Sometimes we quickly read one of these messages and get caught up in thousands of commitments, for example Forget to give an answer For those who have contacted us.

We don't do it intentionally (in some cases we do) but then it turns out to be difficult Justify yourself With those who expected our response that did not arrive. There is a very effective way that allows us to get out of this embarrassment s harassment Simply by performing a simple action that allows us to read these messages without being detected.

How to activate this feature on Android

practically Hide message read alert. However, a hypothesis must be made: when we activate this option next We will no longer be able to know whether our interlocutor has read our messages. Having said that, let us try to understand how we would behave if we have a smartphone equipped with the technology Android.

WhatsApp How to read messages without being detected –

In this case we just need to go to WhatsApp and… Click on the icon (…) Which is located at the top right. Then just log in Settings And then enter Privacy. Once you're done, all you have to do is click on Increase the volume Confirm reading. By doing this you will finally be able to read the messages we receive without being detected.

Specifically when we will do it The ticks will remain gray and will not turn blue, not giving the interlocutor information about our perception. This procedure will also be possible from Computer using WhatsApp Web Always enter the settings and deactivate the read confirmation item (Here you can read important insights about using WhatsApp).

How to get around with an iPhone

Obviously, it will also be possible to deactivate read receipts using iPhone. In this case, simply log into WhatsApp and tap Settings And then access the item below Privacy. Even in this case you will succeed on To the sound Confirm reading. The procedure for PC with Settings and Privacy is also very simple.

However, all this may not be enough for the annoying interlocutor who may continue to bombard us with messages and discover that… We don't just read his writings while online. At this point it will be fine for us Also deactivate the option that shows us the last access This is also to prevent this other data from being displayed (Here you will find more information on how to read deleted messages on Whatsapp).

To activate it the procedure is similar to the previous one reached Privacy Then just go up Last seen and online session no one To hide the last login and perhaps what appears when we are online. If the contact or contacts in question remain a problem, the advice is to do so Prevent him as soon as possible.

Pena D'Onofrio

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