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In this city 50 thousand people live without traffic lights  They took them all away and no one had accidents anymore

In this city 50 thousand people live without traffic lights They took them all away and no one had accidents anymore

Anyone who has been on the road, whether driving a car or even just a pedestrian, will always notice, since childhood, this special device that operates with three alternating lights.

It is, of course, a traffic light. the device Which regulates traffic flows on the road, indicating by color who, when and where has the right of way, and vice versa Who needs to stop.

We also learned from childhood that green is a color Permissions: If we see green, we can pass, and if there is yellow instead, it's time to slow down, because with red, The station stops.

Unfortunately, we also learn that there are not just a few, but on the contrary, there are many who continue to do so violation One of the clearest and most sacred rules Traffic Laws.

How can one live on the street without it Traffic lights? It will be like a jungle, where no one can respect the sense of primacy. or not? It's possible Living without any traffic lights?

This is the city where there are no traffic lights

You may not believe it, but it is actually very possible: there are already societies that have adopted this lifestyle, that is, have abolished traffic lights, and things seem to be working in their parts. Yes, it's all true: all traffic lights have been removed. Let's talk about the case of a city with a population of 50 thousand people in which there are no traffic lights. It is found in Spain in particular.

Specifically, the city that does not have traffic lights is the Spanish municipality of Pinto, which is located a short distance from Madrid. In this community, it was decided to pursue a kind of experiment with a new alternative system for regulating traffic flows, which has allowed this municipality to remove traffic lights from its streets for almost two decades. But how did they do it?

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Red light - -
Red light – –

Traffic lights do not exist here

In short, flow passage The rules of precedence are assigned to them only RotorsWhich is designed in every way to assist cars, pedestrians and any other road user. It seems to be working, with improvementThe flow of cars in transit, A decrease in car speeds and above all a sharp decrease in road accidents.

There appear to have been no serious accidents at this location recently deadly, So to speak. Apparently more than just an experiment, this seems like a path that is certainly replicable, so much so that today there are many European cities that do not have street traffic lights or other They are about to be eliminated.