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WhatsApp How to Chat Without Your Phone: Awesome!

WhatsApp How to Chat Without Your Phone: Awesome!

Check out a new trick on WhatsApp to chat without your phone. Let’s see what happens in the instant messaging app.

New functionality found in the app (via screenshot)

In the last few hours The WhatsApp It has finally released a feature that allows you to receive messages not only from your smartphone, but also from other devices. For example the application can be used both smart phone Of the ComputerThe good news is that messages can be received on the computer even when the smartphone is turned off. In fact, today you can stay on the web version of the app even with the phone turned off or Not connected to the data network.

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To ensure that you can take advantage of the new feature, your app will need to be updated to the version Moreover, the new tool was previously only available on iOS, while now it has also fallen Android. Soon the user will be able to connect up to four devices at the same time. So after years, the Facebook Group app is ready to add an already popular tool over the competitor cable.

WhatsApp, Voice Messages Will Soon Convert To Text: How To Do It

WhatsApp voice text
One of the most useful tricks found in the app (via screenshot)

I Vowels It is one of the most appreciated features by users The WhatsAppWhich welcomed the arrival of the three listening speeds for this type of message. However, sometimes, hearing several vowels becomes a plague, although it is now possible to listen to them at double speed. That’s why the developers of Menlo Park are considering a tool that allows this Automatically transcribe audio into text messages.

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A specialized portal would have thought of revealing the big news WABetaInfo. In fact, according to the specialized website, some Algorithms internal operating system. Due to the complexity of the new function, the developers decided to release the new version only on the beta version related to devices iOS. Moreover, according to the previews, the text will be visible in a file bottom of the screen.