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Ricardo can race at IndyCar

Daniel Ricciardo can race at IndyCar. That’s right, a Formula 1 driver who races for McLaren can also embark on this new adventure. Challenging other drivers outside of a Grand Prix can be a very stimulating experience for Ricardo’s career.

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Ricardo can run to IndyCar, what are his words?

It seems that in addition to his Formula 1 career, Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo also wants to test the floor in other competitions. One of these is the IndyCar Car Racing Americana That dazzles the McLaren rider in a big way. Not only the American competition could be part of Ricardo’s future plans but also the Bathurst 1000 which was held in New South Wales, Scotland. In a recent interview, the pilot said: “I have to ask Zack why I want to drive a supercar in Bathurst. Whether it’s a private test or the actual race, I have to do it. Now I think it can be made easier by making Zack my friend and boss. He’s keen on trying to get us into other wheeled vehicles.” Open in the US is IndyCars. So there is a lot to discuss. ”

Ricardo may find himself choosing between two competitions outside of F1. The first option would be the “Bathurst 1000” and the second would be the GT Tournament. Given that the first race coincides with the October F1 Grand Prix, which will be held in Japan, he will likely choose the Ricciardo GT. The driver says he’s already talked about supercars with McLaren CEO Zach Brown: When I fell in with him, during the first phase of last year, we had these conversations. Supercars came up with the idea: ‘We gotta get you to do Bathurst 12 Hours’. If you ask me and it works as a logistics, I will say yes. “ Certainly the situation needs to be watched as the driver is also interested in other races and hence the news is expected.

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