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What is this - Libero Quotidiano

What is this – Libero Quotidiano

In the face of drought, a group of scientists decided to introduce field cultivation in the Republic of Nigera natural fertilizer, rich in minerals, low in cost and, above all, easy to access:human urine. A strange experience, but it paid off.

According to the expert of daily MailA team of experts from Niger, Germany and the United Kingdom came up with this combination of Olgai.e. disinfectant urine, with organic fertilizer, in order to improve the production of corn cobs of pearl millet, a vigorous, fast-growing summer grain. The trial was tested between 2014 and 2016 and resulted in a 30% increase in yields compared to companies that did not use it.

One farmer explained, “The only problem is that it doesn’t smell really good. I cover my nose every time I put urine in, and in the end it’s not a big deal.” This new technology has been adopted especially in Niger, a country that suffers from a high rate of drought due to climate change. While this “natural” fertilizer may seem disgusting at first, it is actually a great nutrient due to the properties it contains such as phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium – the same as those found in commercial fertilizers.

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