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Starving stray puppy: He can’t wait – VIDEO

A stray puppy was shocked by starvation. His difficult past still suffers from him and it doesn’t seem real to him that he lives in a house – video

Hungry Dog (video images)

Hunger, cold and sleep are natural needs of humans and animals, but for some, it is often impossible to satisfy them. puppy from stray dog Who had to face all these feelings and had to find in himself Courage to keep going. He was living on the street without anyone to take care of him and his existence became more and more difficult every day. But one day, something changed…

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A stray puppy was shocked by hunger, and the reason is moving – video

Dog bowl (video images)
Dog bowl (video images)

If someone does not see it, they will not have the opportunity to make it happen. Fortunately, his silent plea for help was met by a passerby who noticed him and decided so take it with you. The little boy was saved when he was nine weeks old and now he couldn’t be happier than that. Whatever is in front of him and is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy, for example, food or a comfortable home to sleep, is a precious gift that he keeps. This may be the reason that every time he eats, his jaw trembles and drools begin.

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The puppy can’t wait to throw himself into the dish because he spent so much time scavenge He knows the feeling of hunger and the inability to satisfy this need. Once the puppy knows he’s going to have to eat, he can’t resist “throwing himself” on the plate. He can’t wait for his master to put the bowl on the ground and then begin to signal his haste to his human friend. The moment cannot be left in oblivion and immortalized in it Very cute and funny video. Perhaps, what seems like a funny phenomenon actually hides a serious problem.

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The dog’s attitude is almost certainly due to trauma due to his past. The furry dog ​​does not know if he will be able to eat, and this is an aspect that he has stressed a lot, which has led him to this behaviour. Adrenaline for food It is so strong that it cannot be hidden. Unfortunately, life as a stray has caused him a lot of pain and the fact that he now has all the “comforts” available to him seems like a dream.

We are sure that his family will be able to overcome this problem and the little one will feel calm, letting go of the fear that he will continue to suffer from hunger.

We wish this sweet fluffy dog ​​all the happiness he deserves and wants.

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