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Collection The Legacy of Thieves on PC has a release date hidden on Steam -

Collection The Legacy of Thieves on PC has a release date hidden on Steam –

Maybe there is one release day for Unknown: The Legacy of Thieves in version computersince it looks like it’s been verified in Steam’s database, but it’s still not visible to the public, so this isn’t official information.

The date in question, which is still hidden, is October 19, 2022and thus forward a year compared to what was previously thought.

It’s also strange that there seems to be a delay compared to what was initially anticipated: again according to SteamDB, and therefore not an official but reliable source, the initial release date was supposed to be July 15, 2022, but it clearly was Delayed in October.

We can’t take it as specific information yet, but SteamDB takes care to scan Steam’s database for details and hidden, so it can be considered a reliable source regarding news of the Digital Delivery Valve.

In any case, it can still be a placeholder waiting for an official connection on the effective date. Meanwhile, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has already been out on PS5 for quite some time and was also reviewed last January. The PC release in October might mean a major delay for the Windows release, but on the other hand, that’s been Sony’s standard way of doing it, until now.

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