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The referee of the players in the World Cup and the video call of the Giro

The referee of the players in the World Cup and the video call of the Giro

World Cup, “Bioli Rule”: video calls at the end of the game

However, the current situation concerns the World Cup. Pioli revealed that he leaves nothing to chance and that he forced the Milan players who are in Qatar to contact their coach at the end of each match, to do something similar. “Diary” almost daily and informing him of their condition:I gave the players a rule in the World Cup, they can rest assured but they have the obligation to call me at the end of every game, to tell me how they are.Among the most prominent of the Rossoneri, Olivier GiroudNew goalscorer in the history of the French national team:Olivier is in a perfect psychophysical moment, he faced the finals in good shape – Pioli said – I’m happy for him and for Theo HernandezAnd speaking of phone calls, here’s the story video call With the striker before agreeing to his arrival at Milan:I needed two video calls before he arrived to understand the guy, plus he’s a great player. Working for the team, scoring goals. I was convinced that the club had signed a great player. handsome boy. Motive and calm. It combines all the characteristics of a leader. Better to come back sooner or win? It is always better to train happy and motivated players. Kgayer returns disappointed though“.

The future of Milan and Leo: Pioli’s confidence

Chapter in the chapter on players in the World Cup Rafael Liaowhich is struggling to find space in Portugal, but has opened up from Qatar to renewal with Milan:Portugal have a top quality squad, and it’s hard to see why Rafa hasn’t played much abroad. He is definitely a player with amazing potential. Since he’s been with us, he’s also grown a lot in terms of personality, but I think he can make another leap to being a hero. renewal? Two things are for sure: He’s fine with us, and the monarchy and Rafa are talking. We are looking forward to good newsThe truth is that, for Milan as for all other teams, not just the Italian ones, the resumption of activity is yet to come long pause Autumn will be a question mark: “For those who managed to catch their breath, I think the break will be positive, because those who did not participate in the World Championships will arrive in January in excellent physical and mental condition. On the other hand, who played in the World Cup is a question mark. There may, on paper, be a small advantage for those who have seen fewer vacations, but that remains to be seen“.

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Pioli challenges Napoli: “It’s not over for the Scudetto, pay attention to Juventus.”

The tournament was being controlled by him at the moment Naples From Luciano Spalletti. Pioli praises the Azzurri’s career, but he is far from determined to give up the throne in the race for the Scudetto, which he is also entering. Juventus:Napoli have quality in all departments, they are a well trained team with a great coach. We played a good game against them, we didn’t deserve to lose, but they were good. At the beginning of the year, I think no one thought that the team that lost Insigne, Fabian, Mertens and Koulibaly was immediately competitive, but the championship is still very long. Mid-sized teams have leveled up, it’s tough across the board. Juventus? They achieved these results without Di Maria, Pogba, Chiesa. Their staff is among the best in the leagueOn the goals of the season and in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Tottenham:We want to give continuity to the Scudetto by winning at least one league trophy, the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana. heroes? It will be difficult against Tottenham, Conte is one of the toughest coaches to face Conceicao from Porto.“.

“Palermo exemption? I learned about it from the warehouse workers…”

Finally, after appealing in favour actual time (“Extending the recovery period is not the answer, and I don’t understand why you don’t do the actual time: two 30-minute segments), a joke of his own Models Then through anecdotes about the past as a football player and about A.S Exemption painful: “My coach’s role model? Look at everyone, if I had to name three names, I would say Guardiola, Nagelsmann and Klopp. Each has a major advantage; If you want to look vertical, you look at Klopp. Guardiola is the latest in reading places. I “trained” Platini in training, he enjoyed playing against me because at least he tunneled me every time. Michel was a hero, but at Juventus I experienced a high level environment, with real champions, inside and out. It was very important to my growth. Waivers are a blow because they prevent you from completing the job. All those I have suffered I consider unfair except those I suffered at Palermo. We were eliminated in the Europa League qualifier against Thun, and I would not have fit in well with the environment. We had to play the first game in Novara on artificial turf, I remember that as soon as we finished training to get ready on that pitch I was told to strike and that the first game would not be played. We organized a friendly match against Napoli and lost. Back in Palermo, in the sports center, I find many journalists at the entrance. I didn’t know anything yet. As soon as I get inside, the warehouse workers hug me, and then I understand something. Then the boss called me. After an aperitif, he told me everything: “If I don’t fire you today, it will happen in the next game.” I agreed with him, I didn’t fit in. I have good memories of President Zamparini, he was right with me“.

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