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What is it and how to fix it

What is it and how to fix it

In every love there is a part of the desire to possess, undeniably, but when is this connection healthy and when does it become satisfying and problematic? What causes emotional addiction that binds us to a partner? How do we make sure that our love is not sick? Let’s see what it is.

It is called by the Anglo-Saxons love addiction In general, make it coincide with Search obsessed of numbers protected with what Accommodation a bond and keep it stable right on time.

What is emotional addiction?


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it’s a Pathology From Feeling and behavior Loving, increasingly Widespread In the context of Stream. Consists of Conversion of love at Obsession This confuses and does Suffers: the desire to integrate with the other that decreases with the stability of the relationship, remains unchanged over time and tends constantly and indignantly to “integrate into the other”.

at the base addicted passionate there is deep Need From protection. In fact, it constitutes its basic core theme. within Report, The addicted, especially in the beginning, it is normal: that desire From Merge With each other Konatorato Likes.

There is a danger of it becoming sick when fed deep absence of security a Human Thoughts that bind themselves Happiness exclusive to proximity on the other hand Person. In fact, these changes in the natural state can turn into a real change Discomfort Myself from which it arose seriously Problems Personal e relational.

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In cooperation with Dr. Francesca bagPsychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist (Rome)