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Belen, if you feel bad about yourself, you deserve it.  Recording stopped

Belen, if you feel bad about yourself, you deserve it. Recording stopped


The Argentine girl surprised everyone by revealing her health: Here are her words

Belen Rodriguez She’s back in the headlines for some of the information that has been revealed in the past few hours regarding her health. The showgirl, who is always very active on social media, again returned her words to Instagram Stories, posted on her official account.

While stories frame the little one Luna Maro He sleeps happily in his cradle, in the background you can hear Beilin’s words. The girl said:I wasn’t feeling well, I underwent three batchesThe presenter started and then added that it was necessary due to the fact that she was completely dehydrated.

Rodriguez then added the following:I tried but I couldn’t registerSo there will be a new recording tomorrow, hoping that a few extra hours of sleep can put the energies back into the presenter.

Like all modern moms, the 36-year-old Argentinian too She wanted to go back to work immediately after giving birth. A few days after Luna Marrow was born, the showgirl announced that she felt ready to run the Tu si que valleys.

Rodriguez certainly isn’t the first showgirl to return to the stage a few days after giving birth to her baby girl. Before her it also happened to Michel Hunziker. Indeed, in recent days, Argentina has headed to Rome to host the popular talent show broadcast on Canale 5.

Rodriguez announced her return to the program With a post on your Instagram, declaring to be in Departure to Rome. Several comments were received, including that of Sabrina Ferilli. The latter, who was reconfirmed as juror in Tu si que vales, commented: “I’m waiting for you beauty“.

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A few days ago, there was a media storm over the supposedly positive treatment the showgirl was to receive from Padua Hospital on the occasion of her birth. In recent days, instead, those related to Beilin’s quick return to work have been added.

In short, it seems there is no peace for the showgirl. Black keyboard is always ready to be criticized and confronted.