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What changes from August 2, 2021 and why you need to be careful

What changes from August 2, 2021 and why you need to be careful

The end of the financial truce opens new scenarios regarding the current account. Here are the changes and what you need to pay attention to

The June 30, 2021 It’s a fairly important date for all account holders Italy. In fact, the financial truce will end so therevenue agency You will be able to return to collect the accumulated debts, including those inherent in tax bills suspended.

There is a month to comply, but since July 31, 2021 waterfalls SaturdayThe deadline has been extended to Monday August 2, 2021. After this deadline, if not, the tax He has the right to move forward Foreclosure procedures directly on Bank account.

Current account: what will change from August 2, 2021 and why you need to be careful

So salary and pensions are in grave danger for people who are in default. Confirmation of this ruling came from himself revenue agency Through the report on Public Finance Coordination 2021 on May 28, 2021.

This saves The possibility of personal data for financial reports. L ‘Advertising So he will have the opportunity to find out Banking Relations and theDepositing entity. There is clearly an alternative for those who cannot settle their situation in Conditions stipulated by law.

You can choose to extend the amounts to be paid up to 120 installments. There is a time until July 31, 2021 to submit an installment request Avoid becoming “victims” of this executive action. Moderately flexible position can make those who breathe because pandemic They did not work and therefore did not earn.

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On the other hand, this period was meticulously arranged to allow the aforementioned people not to have to suffer excessively Effects of provisions aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19.