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Meghan Markle beats Kate Middleton: she’s the most loved by young people

Since joining the British royal family as the fiancée and later wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle divided public opinion. Liked by some and highly criticized by others, she has always been compared to Kate Middleton. Of the battle, the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of William and the future heir to the throne, was the winner most of the time. Now, however, the former actress’ satisfactory rematch arrives.

Almost all of the British media seem to be cheering Kate, to the point that Prince Harry has in the past felt the need to intervene, thus severing his relationship with the press. A hatred that prompted, at least in part, to take the Dukes of Sussex Radical decision To leave the royal family and Buckingham Palace to move to the USA.

The couple’s recent statements to Oprah Winfrey certainly didn’t make things better. Meghan and Harry’s accusations, pronounced in An interview conducted around the world In the period prior to The Duke of Edinburgh diesMost people didn’t like them.

It seems, however, the British youth They are still cheering The second son of Prince Charles and his wife Megan. This was revealed by research by charity stem4, which wanted to check the preferences of Generation Z. The questions were asked to an audience of over a thousand children between the ages of 13 and 25.

The result may come as a surprise. As revealed by the Daily Express, when Generation Z is the protagonist Result invalidated: Megan is more respectful than Kate. However, both of them have to deal with someone who is much more esteemed than them. This is the Queen Elizabeth, which – which its strength And his appeal remains the most beloved reale.

After the king, follow in order by level of esteem: Prince Harry, Markle, Kate and Prince William, who ranks last among his family. Finally, the founder of the Foundation emphasized that it is not wealth and beauty that control young people, but courage, resilience and compassion for others and nature. This was really Romantic and rebellious spirit The Dukes of Sussex to conquer Generation Z?

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