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What are the results of the G7?  (bitter) balance sheet for the summit

What are the results of the G7? (bitter) balance sheet for the summit

The G7 It is still debated, especially for the position that has been taken The United States vs. China.

But what are the real decisions made by the summit and what balance can be summed up?

The unsatisfactory results of some analysts came from Cornwall: because G7 Partially disappointed.

The G7 budget: What are the outcomes of the summit? Atmosphere of disappointment, reasons

Declaration of intent in which the warning to China in the field of human rights Sharing global challenges: If the Corniche Summit of world leaders can be summed up in this way, for some observers and analysts, the event was a real failure.

There is an air of disappointment, why?

After meeting in the English coastal town of Karpis in Cornwall, the leaders pledged to agree billion doses of vaccine More in the next 12 months, either directly or through the WHO’s COVAX.

Also called the official statement China “Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, particularly with regard to Xinjiang, and those rights and freedoms and a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong enshrined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law.”

G7 pledge to Zero emissions net greenhouse gases by 2050, promising to eliminate mostenergy from coal.

as claimed Minimum tax of at least 15% Large multinational corporations should prevent companies from using tax havens to avoid taxes, a US-led initiative.

Too much meat on the fire? No, according to some comments. Critics say the promises weren’t new, lacked detail, and some clearly weren’t enough.

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The G7 statement, for example, did not include a detailed country-by-country commitment or timetable for action on the campaign. universal vaccination.

Too much ambiguity and too little substance, if not obvious Anti-China policy from the United States of America Biden (Which doesn’t drive Europe crazy.)

No news about green goals

G7 leaders have not even taken concrete measures to curb Global Warming, a result that does not bode well for major climate negotiations by the end of the year.

Despite the US commitment on the issue, which is unclear given Trump’s aversion, the final statement did not express firm commitments to stop using coal, raise money to help developing countries and abandon polluting cars.

According to some, an unsatisfactory budget was set by G7 in Cornwall.