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"She is alive and has a daughter."

“She is alive and has a daughter.”

Denise Pipidon is alive and ‘settled’ a daughter who had a relationship with the kidnappers. This is what former lawyer Maria Angioni said during the Roy 1 broadcast ‘Italian Stories’.

“My idea – the lawyer explained – is that Denise is alive and has been placed in some family with kidnappers or some members of their kidnappers who are not said to be in a family Roma. But we don’t even know if she’s a Roma. It’s a group. She begged for help. Then Angioni insisted again – I believe she is alive, In recent days I have sent a series of photos and documents to the lawyer’s office that give me personal assurance that she is alive, has a family and even a daughter.. Apparently – he continues – they are documents that I only sent to the public prosecutor’s office and attorney Frasita, because they are so delicate. It will be the power of attorney to assess whether my assessment is true or not. This was a possibility before, but I am personally convinced that it is now, “concludes former lawyer Angioni.