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Fastweb and Fastmail are off all over Italy: what’s going on and what to do


Many users Fastweb All over Italy they report malfunctions for the services of various telephone operators. The problems persisted for 24 hours, but around 1 p.m. on June 14, Downdetector reported thousands of reports from across the peninsula. Most of them are connected to the fixed and mobile network, and many users will also block the fixed line.

Fastweb and Fastmail are down across Italy: emails are inaccessible

Customers specifically report the inability to reachFastweb And the e-mail service website Fast Meal. The page does not load from browsers or fileError 503.

So it is a side problem مشكلة server, and any operations performed by the end user cannot lead to any solution. The error is usually displayed when a file maintenance From a site, even if Fastweb doesn’t communicate in this sense.

Sunday 13th June resolved After a few hours Problems accessing email accounts, with the ability to connect from a browser or receive and send new messages from apps like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird and Mail on iOS.

There are no updates on the Fastweb social pages, and there are many customers requesting information and reporting malfunctions. For some, it will last for days or even for weeks, with significant hurdles for those who find themselves working from home smart work.

The operator did not disclose the causes of the error, which appears to be widespread in All Italy, with reports from Milan to Palermo, particularly in the big cities, including Genoa, Florence and Rome.

Fastweb and Fastmail are off all over Italy: how to contact the operator

With no access toFastweb Customer AreaFor many users, there is only the possibility to call the help service at the number 192193 or from abroad +393730004193. The latter is active from 8 until midnight and is free of cell phones with one scheduling yes operator or operator.

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However, there are many reports on social media of those who cannot take a stand with communicate CenterThe only alternative is to write via Twitter to the official profile Tweet embed, which are usually answered within the first hour, with an extension DMThis is a direct message with some possible solutions.


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