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Weight of the game on PS5 revealed, preloading will help –

Weight of the game on PS5 revealed, preloading will help –

PlayStation Game Size, a well-known Twitter account that deals with revealing the dimensions of games arriving on the PlayStation Store, pointed this out idled weightthe open world action game from Square Enix that will be released on January 24, 2023. The PS5 version From adventure you will weigh 87,275 GB.

It’s exactly the weight Version 1,000,001 of Forspoken. This means that the weight will change, even just slightly, as the inevitable post-launch updates arrive. Moreover, let’s talk about the PS5 version: the game is also planned for PC and we don’t know in detail how much it weighs like that, even if we don’t expect completely different numbers.

PlayStation Game Size also mentions that the Forspoken preload It will be available starting January 22, 2023, two days before the official release of the game. If you pre-ordered the game (or will pre-order it in time), you can pre-download it and then quietly download 87 GB (and more) of the video game.

Forspoken is a Open world Action RPG. We play as Frey, a girl from New York who is transported by a portal to the world of Athena, the magical kingdom where corruption corrupts creatures and people, turning them into monsters. To rule this kingdom are Tantas, mothers who have become evil. Frey, supported by a talking bracelet.

Fry has a number of Elemental magical powers, which can also be used together to activate unique effects. The game also relies heavily on action, with a magical parkour system that allows a Forspoken hero to move at great speed, explore and collect items useful for quests and upgrades.

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Finally, we leave you with the latest test by Forspoken.