Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Germany: Clashes between environmental activists and police in Luzerat – Politics


About ten thousand people are demonstrating in Luzerat, Germany, where violent clashes with police also took place. This is what a spokesman for the Aachen police told ANSA. “Violent clashes broke out, some demonstrators were throwing rockets and stones, and agents had to use pepper spray,” Dietmar Bruning said. Immediately, Greta Thunberg is expected to give a speech. Meanwhile, about fifteen demonstrators had entered the mine, which was to be used to extract coal: “a risky gesture: the earth is wet, it could collapse and the danger is that it will remain buried.”
The mopping-up carried out by the activists, who had remained at the site for several days, continued: according to the police, there are now only about twenty people, who climbed the treehouses, quite high from the ground. Two people still in the tunnel dug right away.

Police, “Black Block” clashes in Luitzerat

The vast majority of anti-mining protesters in Luzerat, Germany, are peaceful, but there are external elements, such as black blockades, that are fueling clashes with law enforcement. This is what Aachen police spokesman Dietmar Brüning explained to ANSA. According to him, “it’s not the climate activists who are firing rockets at the police.” There are about 10,000 demonstrators at the site.

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