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Weekend, winter breakout between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, watch out for snowy surprises! Updates »

Weather: Weekend, winter breakout between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, watch out for snowy surprises! Updates

Weekend weather forecastDuring the weekend there will be a winter raid! Confirmation just arrived: at the end Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May be the defining turning point of winter with arrival cold currents from the arctic That they will have significance After the catastrophe Over a large part of our country: in addition to heavy rain, in fact, you should also pay attention to Snow surprises.

But let’s proceed in order through a detailed analysis of all the files Updated forecast for us The official app.

Already from day Saturday 27 a A cold pulse from Northern Europe and supports it polar currents He’ll start making his own Effects even on Italy. Practically speaking, this change will result, along with a sharp drop in temperatures as well Heavy rain in most Tyrrhenian regions and on the two main islands. With the passage of time Conditions are expected to worsen also al north, with risks Snow falling to a low altitude; In fact, white flakes can decrease as much Less than 4,500 meters of altitude that it PiedmontAnd Daosta ValleyAnd Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

The bad cold weather will also continue during this period Sunday 28 November whenAnd Thanks to the additional flow of very cold air, A low pressure area will be created on the upper Tyrrhenian/Ligurian coast. For this reason, heavy rain and thunderstorms will be possible that it Emilia RomagnaAnd TuscanyAnd LazioAnd Campania NS Calabria. Given the drop in temperatures, the Noun It will descend in abundance on the Apennines in fine flakes Less than 800/1000 meters of altitude, a respectable event still November. Maximum attention then gust of wind Arrival on Sardinia: giveaways Mistral They can actually reach me 100 km/h With more than tangible risks storm surges.
On the other hand, the weather will be more stable in the plains northAnd Except for a little rain on Trevento. weak Snowfall It will continue to affect the Alps until the height of the valley floor, with Chips that they can access Cities like Aosta, Sondrio and Bolzano.
But in the north it will be the cold that will make the news, especially at night and in the early morning!

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Weekend forecast, the real cold is comingWeekend forecast, the real cold is coming