Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Genoa Astronomical Observatory is celebrating 40 years of activity with many events


Sunday, June 16 2024, l’Genoa Astronomical Observatory Via Superiore Gazzo – Sestri Ponente – Celebrate firsts 40 years of activity All citizens are invited. ”On June 16 1984, after a “heroic” 11-year mission by volunteers of the Department of Amateur Astronomers of the Popular University of Cistercian APS, in the presence of the then Mayor of Genoa Fulvio Cerofolini, the doors of this real laboratory were opened to all the inhabitants of Genoa. the sky. Since that day, the observatory has welcomed visitors Thousands of enthusiasts or simply curious people And many generations of students. During these 40 years, the OAG has never stopped its activities in the field of publishing and scientific research, on the contrary, it has enriched its offer over time thanks to the many volunteer members who always propose new experiments.

Thanks to the support of many friends, members and visitors, and thanks to the donations collected, it was also possible to take a really difficult step, from 2022It surrounds the observatory structure A Large, modern digital planetarium This has allowed us to increase the educational offer targeting local schools and beyond.

We will celebrate on Sunday, June 16: first with children Which, thanks to publishing experience Dennis Tropea (Astronomy Publishing Group astrophysicist Nanny Brun), Give a real figure Star galaxy To be locked up in a jar and kept in your bedroom while you learn, while having fun, about the wonderful physics that created it and kept it alive for billions of years. Always Denise, so she is the heroine of the novel letter With heroes Astronomy and astrologyBefore, but many years ago, they were allies, but now it is completely the opposite.

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The magical and artistic moment begins at 6 p.m. Andrea Moura and the Swinging Trio (Franco Baffarello on piano, Enrico Zilli on bass, and Matteo Ottonello on drums) create a unique atmosphere with their music that accompanies the sun in its sky. sunset Leaving room for the night, which “illuminates” the stars. The evening is happy with the cold Sangria (Non-alcoholic aperitif substitute) e Gastronomy at kilometer zero Suggested by friends Donkeys and basilAnd young Genoese restaurateurs and farmers (from Sestri) who offer a series of hot and cold dishes that can be eaten in the garden.

When twilight and darkness of night allow Observe the starry skycomes the role of OAG publishers, who are the guardians of this jewel that their predecessors wanted so strongly and stubbornly. Offers In the planetarium, observing the sky with the naked eye and other things telescope From the sky. The science, guidance and legendary stories of the planetarium. reservation Go to the events section Oagenova website at this link. Recently, the Astronomical Observatory also hosted an RAI crew that produced a report on the Monte Gazzo area, for the “Kilimangiaro Estate” broadcast, which will be broadcast soon. For more Information And updates, follow Genoa Astronomical Observatory Facebook page.


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