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Weather trend: What a meltdown next week!

Weather trend: What a meltdown next week!

Maps continue to draw weather conditions designated for bad weather at the beginning of the third decade of September, even if some of the models sure stumbled on the hand and others remained more mysterious.

However, it is clear that the wound can leave significant scars and that they could transport us directly in the fall; Autumn can also mean “October” and the equinox, that is there, but it also means a definitive archive of all-round summer practices.

Summer September is now a classicHowever, if it persists for a longer period, it exposes the peninsula to subsequent risks of bouts of flooding associated with excessive sea heat.

Here are the two maps that best depict the possible failure next week, both scheduled for Tuesday, September 21 and frame the vortex that is creeping into Italy in an obvious way, leading to bad weather:

credibility? Failure appears to be 70% likely in the North and Center, and 30% in the South, which will still be partially protected by the anti-subtropical belt; Expectations, however, are still a work in progress, follow the updates!

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