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Same contracts for men and women.

Same contracts for men and women.

Rome – The American Football AssociationThe US Soccer Federation announces this in a note that it has done so Progress Matching contract proposals players union men’s team and that from Women’s national team. The goal, says the union, is “Alignment of male and female senior staff into a single collective agreement structure”. The union also called the players “Find a way Divide the total of the World Cup prizes equally FIFA”. Without this move, American Football declares that “No collective agreement will be accepted“.

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USA: “The same contracts for men and women”

However, if the FA”They will choose to continue trading separately as they did, Uwith football will call Uswntpa (NS ” Women’s National Team Players Association) To participate in negotiations with Usnstpa (men’s team) And vice versa, in favor of complete transparencyThe NFL already.He firmly believes that the best path to follow for all participants, and for the future of sport in the United States, is asingle pay structure For both major national teams. This proposal would ensure that players in Uswnt and Usmnt have a revenue-sharing structure that would allow all parties to start over and collectively share the opportunity that united investments in the future of the United States.“.

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