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Weather, between August 27 and 28, thunderstorms and low temperatures in the northern center

Weather, between August 27 and 28, thunderstorms and low temperatures in the northern center

Summer holidays in Italy in these last days of August, marked by Big fluctuations in weather and a gradual less climate, even in Sicily where the heat will only subside from Friday 27.

A new disturbance (#6) from northern Europe has arrived in the far north-east. This is a cold front destined to slide along the peninsula: between Friday 27 and Saturday 28 the north-central regions will share, and on Sunday the 29th the south will marginally share.

It will be an opportunity for others Severe rain and thunderstorms locally too, while the type of air mass behind it It will increase the cooling of the climate: Especially in the north and on the central Adriatic side where, on the weekend, temperatures are expected below normal. The area will remain Sicily where 32-33 degrees will not be exceeded.

Weather forecast for Friday 27

In the morning Rain or thunderstorms In the transition from Veneto to Emilia-Romagna, sometimes also between eastern Liguria and northwestern Tuscany. In the afternoon and in the evening thunderstorms reach the Marche (here also severe), marginally in Abruzzo and Umbria; Isolated torrential rains along the Venetian Alps and north of Friuli. At the end of the day there is a tendency to bathe between the pre-alpine belt and the adjacent plains of the northwest regions. In other places, the sky is clear or partly overcast.

Low maximum temperatures in the north and in the Marche, a slight increase in the Adriatic sectors in the center and south. Wind: moderate westerly to theses on Sardinia, the Western Seas and the central regions where the Lipicchio River prevails.

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Weather forecast for Saturday 28

The weather is mostly sunny in south-central Puglia, Basilicata, Ionian Calabria and the islands. In the rest of the country changing clouds And the weather is very unstable: in danger Showers or thunderstorms It will be mainly the regions of central and northern Puglia, and in the morning also Emilia-Romagna. In the rest of the north there is great diversity: the last showers at the beginning of the day between Piedmont and Lombardy. in the afternoon Isolated rain limited to mountainous areas, a small sun in the Po Valley and Liguria.

Extreme temperatures drop almost everywhere, even sensitive in the north and in part of the center Where it will not exceed 24-25 degrees. Winds: from moderate to westerly in the south and on the islands, and moderate from the northeast in the central regions and the Adriatic.