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“We are here with no money and no medicine. Send someone.”

“We are here with no money and no medicine. Send someone.”

It had to be one vacation A dream, but then it turned into a real nightmare for eight tourists, including two elderly people and a pregnant woman, who were stranded on a remote island after the cruise ship… Norwegian Cruise Line On which they were traveling without returning to pick them up despite their requests for help. This (misadventure) was narrated by a couple, Jay H Jill Campbellwhich they announced KSNB4 How, even today, they find themselves stranded on the island penniless and without care.

Alone on the island of Sao Tome

The heroes of this story are eight tourists, six Americans and two Australians, who were spending a quiet vacation on a Norwegian cruise ship, until they were abandoned on the coast of an island. St. ThomasNileCentral AfricaFrom the shipping company. The story was told by an elderly Campbell couple, who said: “We were touring the island, but then we had a problem during the tour and they didn't get us back in time. We were convinced that they would come back to us, especially since there was a pregnant woman among us, but after that no one showed up. Even today, we are stuck here.”

The Campbell family had only been on vacation for eight days and it was the ship they departed from South AfricaHe stopped on the island for tourist visits. After seeing that the crew did not return, the visitors tried to ask the Coast Guard for help, but the ship refused to return to them. So they are on the island without their personal belongings left inside their rooms, their money and their medicines. Jill Campbell explained: “We are trying to get permission to board the ship in another African port, but it is really difficult. Let's hope everything goes well, because there are many elderly people here, one of whom also has heart problems. “We paid a lot for this trip, so we hope to complete the rest of the trip and reach Spain.”

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The ship company defends itself

Following the incident, Norwegian Cruise Line issued a long statement, explaining its position: “On the afternoon of March 27, eight passengers who were on the island alone or on a private tour lost their last bid to return to the ship. The ship, therefore, does not respect the scheduled departure time of 3 p.m. Although this is an extremely unpleasant situation, guests are responsible for ensuring that they return to the ship at the announced time, which is widely communicated via the ship's intercom system, in daily communications and published shortly before departing the ship. “We are in contact with guests and will provide more information as it becomes available.”

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