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Forza Italia-We Moderates, summit meeting: Antinoro is also in danger

Forza Italia-We Moderates, summit meeting: Antinoro is also in danger

Palermo- See each other during the week, Probably next Wednesday, Antonio Tajani (Forza Italia) and Maurizio Lupi (We Are Moderates). At stake is a possible agreement on the European elections and, consequently, the political side-effect of the general handshake, the candidature. Antonello Antinoro, In a Sicilian sextet that sees five Forzista candidates. Centrists are more optimistic and believe that if there is a national consensus, it will go beyond a simple electoral horizon.

Antinoro confirmed this “There is already a reason why two basic discussions with the national coordinator cannot be ignored Antonio Tajani And with the President Renato Schifani. However, we are not discussing an electoral pact, that's all, but a general perspective.

Agreement and Discussion

In short, it will be a technical test – one step away from being formally signed – by the People's Party, Expanded core, strengthening core: whatever you want to call it. The logo of the catalog is also included among the items that identify the merger. We moderates love the unitary symbol. For now, Forza Italia is the mainstay. But it may not be an insurmountable detail.

What will be the consequences of Antinoro running and being on the list? In the meantime, we need to understand which of the Italian candidates will defect (it's rumored to be Gennuzzo) and then figure out the scale based on votes. He intervened in this matter Gianfranco Michiche, In our interview: “I read that Noy Modarati's Antonello Antinoro could be a candidate for the European Championship with Forza Italia. This is a dramatic mistake, which will split the party.”

Mitch is the answer

Antinoro responds to the ex-president of Ars: “The political project of the unity of the central forces, inspired by the values ​​of the European populism, many of us have been working for decades. There are reasons to believe in a unitary political proposal, a set of values ​​and ideas that unite us today. I am optimistic, even if it does not hide the difficulties.. Noi Matarati plays an important role in this project. As someone said, connecting the core is correct. First political love and unforgettable. Given Michishev's ability to 'split' parties and groups, I believe he is unbeatable. The last years of Sicilian politics prove this.” We are just getting started.

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