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This city has re-enforced the obligation of masks

This city has re-enforced the obligation of masks

The dreaded delta variant of the coronavirus continues to feel its weight, destabilizing many countries given the high degree of transmissibility that has now made it. dominant dynasty in the United States and abroad.

It suffices to say in this regard that according to the data of the Jesaid International Bank, the delta variable In Italy (One of the countries where it is less common) increased to 41.2% over the past few weeks.

So, just over a month after anti-Covid restrictions were eased, it should come as no surprise that some cities find themselves forced to. Resubmit, at least in part.

Covid: This city has re-imposed the obligation of masks

It is precisely Los Angeles County To recommit to wearing masks indoors, following the surge in cases and hospitalizations related to Covid-19.

A decision worth publishing above all because we are talking about the most populous province in the country, which could open up to Similar moves Also in other important cities.

The requirement will apply regardless of vaccination status as stated by the Los Angeles County Health Officer, Mount Daviswho formulated the city’s status and reasons for selection during a public press conference:

“We share our deepest condolences with those who have lost their friends, loved ones and families at this difficult time. We expect to maintain the commitment to wearing a face mask until we begin to see improvements in the numbers and degree of transmission of COVID-19. But waiting any longer before making such a change would be unwise.”

According to the province’s latest data, 210 new cases of coronavirus were reported as of June 15, while they were reported as of July 16 – one month later – more than 1500, the highest number since mid-March.

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The daily test positivity rate increased in the province Al 3.7%, from about 0.5% on June 15; All this in the face of nearly 4 million county residents who have not been vaccinated.