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Bitcoin, police destroy countless cylinder mining hardware

Bitcoin, police destroy countless cylinder mining hardware

Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is causing a lot of “headaches” for law enforcement around the world. when they come Detect illegal activities, the police often go to Adjust mining configurations Bad guys use it. Where does the latter go? We now have a possible answer.

In fact, as I say futuristic e vice (The original source is Dayak Daily) And as you can see in the video posted by Dayakdaily Youtube ChannelIn Malaysia, the police decided crushing 1,069 mining rigs with steam controller أداة.

The reason for all this? the wicked They stole electricity from the city’s network to mine Bitcoin. Therefore, the Miri City Police and the Sarawak Energy Electricity Utility have allied themselves in an effort to put an end to the criminal activity. Do you think about $2 million would have been lost?

Furthermore, Residents of the area faced a power outage. Continue because of what the criminals did. In this context, between February and April 2021, the Malaysian police carried out six “inspections”, which is the reason for the recovery of so many mining formations. Other than that, three homes were ‘raze’ to the ground due to illegal electrical connections.

Anyway, the crushing work About $1.26 million in hardware Perhaps the option to “send a message” to criminals: a kind of warning against the use of “swipe”.

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