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Wales, Italy's opponents prefer rugby

Wales, Italy’s opponents prefer rugby

Wales European football team in Group A with Italy. But the people of Wales love other sports such as rugby, cricket and … castles much more than that.

Soft valleys and rugged mountains. cradle of mystery Wales It is the engine of imagination. Provides insight into the ancient world and mythical stories, such as the stories of King Arthur The Knights of the Round Table. A European country with more castles on its territory (more than 500), is preparing for a confrontationItaly a Euro 2021 In the name of a sporting tradition that goes beyond the game of football.

Football – Rugby dominates, few debates. It’s almost a religion, so much so that the actor David Andrews He said he was Welsh “like coal miners, male choirs, How Green Was My Valley, Dylan Thomas and Tom Jones”. oval ball Spread to the area around 1850 Thanks to the Reverend – appointed Roland Williams – who after becoming Vice Chancellor of St David’s College ديفيد Lampeter He decided to introduce discipline into teaching. The symbol of the national team is the feather of the Prince of Wales, which was chosen in the 19th century to assure his loyalty. United kingdom. Between culture and society, Wales is a country that is proud of its independent spirit, and is famous for participating in six countries (Won in 2021 for the 40th time) From the start – in 1883 – when there were four teams in the tournament.

Hallmark? masses. There are many citizens who go at least once in their lives to watch the “Red Dragons” games in Cardiff Arms Park, which was renovated for the 99th World Cup and renamed Millennium Stadium. The team’s great successes – between 1900 and 1911 – coincide with the heyday of the country, where rugby helped forge a modern popular identity. It is a popular sport that has been practiced for years even since then ذلك Gareth BaleParallel to football.

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cricket – Some doubts and unclear hypotheses about the origins of cricket. One of the most plausible is that a similar game was played in southeast England as early as the 1300s, and was imported by Flemish shepherds. Other ideas of language, with a term that may be derived from Flemish creek, “stick”. Since 1600 there have been reports of matches between organized teams, while in 1744 only the first bases were collected in a set (cricket laws). At that point, the activity had developed into a national sport in England and among the most popular in Wales, and spread throughout the British colonial empire.

football – Among the colorful houses and greenery, football is not lost and retains its importance. The game is played in Wales Welsh Premier LeagueNational Championship. Twelve teams face each other in a round trip tournament that ultimately divides participants into groups of 6. Each team meets others in their group, always with a double challenge, at home and away (for another 10 days). The winners go to the first qualifying round of Champions League, and second in the first qualifying round of European League. Clubs in third to sixth place participate in the qualifiers, which gives another place in the Europa League qualifiers. All planners, traitors… rooted in history. They are called “traitors” and me Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham, Newport County and Merther Town, teams affiliated with the FA that have never competed in national championships (First Division was created in 1992, and the Welsh Football Association was established in 1876). They chose to go another route. away from the border.

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