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Do all rich people own a Ferrari?  No, there is a secret list of VIPs that Cavallino rejected

Do all rich people own a Ferrari? No, there is a secret list of VIPs that Cavallino rejected

Who wouldn’t dream of buying one Ferrari And show it to everyone on their social networks? Showing off a supercar is now fertile ground for it VIPThey are constantly photographed next to or on board their racing cars. The question does not satisfy with that Maranellowhich put a real one List of unwelcome people, the rich and famous From the top of Cavallino.

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Brand prestige

A pony likes to defend its brand value and dislikes improper uses of a vehicle: for example, those who buy a vehicle only to display it on social media or worse, suffer a complaint that it is used for advertising purposes without any agreement with the parent company. for this reason at Ferrari A real blacklist (Black list) From customers who will never be able to buy it.

The names of the accused

According to rumors, the name of the Hollywood actor appears on this list Nicolas CageIt is considered capable of squandering a fortune without any constraints, thus it is a rude model associated with the Ferrari name.

Even American rapper 50 centshe would not be able to buy a car in Maranello: in fact, having stayed on his feet with his Ferrari 488, he would have spoken very poorly about the brand on his social channels.

Add to list Justin Beiberthe Canadian singer, who managed to lose his Ferrari 458 Italia, forcing the company to invest time and money to find it.

The other black sheep of Maranello’s parent company are: the Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.Guilty of buying a Ferrari just to be shown in the media, Kim kardashianregarding his money, says he’s from anything but clean origin, and finally a rapper tygawho allegedly missed some payments on his Ferrari rental car.

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Who knows if these characters will leave Ferrari blacklist.

On his 40th birthday, Ibrahimovic gifted himself a Ferrari SF90 Spider worth €500,000